First-time voters are urged by PM Modi to use the power of votes to defeat family-run parties

Speaking on “Parivaarvad,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged people to unseat parties that continue to profit from it.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on young people to use their voting power to overthrow political groups that he described as “parivarwadi,” or family-run businesses.

Using a video conference to address recently registered voters at the Namo Navmatdata Sammelan, Prime Minister Modi attacked opposition parties, claiming that young people are against nepotism and corruption.

“These parties’ leaders have an anti-youth mentality. With the power of your votes, you must defeat these family-run parties,” he declared.

PM Modi

“Now that your names are on the voter list, you play a significant role in the democratic system,” he said. At a time when the nation is experiencing its “Amrit Kaal,” you have all been registered to vote.

Modi also emphasized their part in ensuring that by 2047, India is a developed nation.

The prime minister emphasized the importance of every vote even more, pointing out that the country cannot make important decisions without a stable, majority administration.

“One vote can make a huge difference. Big decisions may be made by the country when it has a stable, fully majority administration, he continued.

Speaking about increased infrastructure and many development initiatives like Digital India and support for start-ups, he claimed that young people had an abundance of opportunities.

He declared, “It is Modi’s guarantee that your dreams are my resolve,” adding that the youth had always come first.

PM Modi acknowledged the attendance of many young ladies and sent warm congratulations on National Voters Day, expressing his happiness at their involvement in the event. He reaffirmed the youth’s enormous capacity to lead the nation toward prosperity and development.