Ten international summer programs that every Indian student should know.

Ten international summer programs that every Indian student should know.

Learn everything about foreign summer programs, which provide a variety of benefits such as self-development, academic preparedness, and career planning.

Summer Programs are one- to ten-week-long programs organized by universities, private companies, or boarding institutions that include academic exploration, athletics, other ECAs, and trips.

“Summer programs offer a variety of benefits, including self-development, academic readiness, and even career planning.” Aside from the good impact on grades, participating in interactive study sessions will drive you to improve your communication skills and gain confidence.

For high school students, these programs provide a taste of college life, and the international exposure gained enriches their resume by providing diverse experiences to support their future endeavors,” says Namita Mehta, President of The Red Pen, a Mumbai-based education consulting firm.

international summer internship

international summer internship


A typical two to four-week summer program in the United States can cost between INR 3 and 5 lakhs, whilst in the United Kingdom it may cost between INR 3.15 and 4.15 lakhs.

In India, the cost is significantly lower, ranging from INR 5,000 to 2,00,000 (for school programs at boarding institutions such as Woodstock, which costs INR 2 lakhs) for a one to two-week program.

There may also be additional expenses such as housing (if not included), transit, course materials, and food. Some programs may also offer early-application discounts.


Visa requirements differ per nation and summer school. A tourist visa will suffice for some programs, but others (particularly longer ones) may require a student visa.

In the United States, the process entails obtaining a Form I-20 from the institution and establishing financial capacity and purpose to return to India.

United Kingdom issues Short-term study visas require confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS), as well as proof of lodging and financial resources.

European countries, particularly those in the Schengen area, have varying standards, with most requiring confirmation of enrollment, financial capability, and health insurance, Mehta added.


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Here are some international summer programs that every Indian student should know.

Hospitality: Sommet Education, Glion and Les Roches (Switzerland)
Age range: 15–26 years.

Dates: July 2024–August 2024 (several dates)

Sommet Education’s summer programs in Glion and Les Roches focus on international hospitality and event management, with tailored lessons both on and off campus.


Academic: Edu Explorer (USA)

Age group: 14 to 18 years

Dates: June 30-July 13, 2024; July 14-27, 2024.

Students attend humanities, STEM, and bioscience seminars, immersing themselves in college life through classes and cultural events, including weekend trips to prominent destinations like as New York and San Francisco.


Academic: Oxford Summer Courses (Multiple Locations, UK)
Age group: 9 to 24 years

Dates: July—August 2024

The Oxford Summer Courses, which are held in Oxford, Cambridge, and London, offer students the opportunity to study over 40 courses such as medicine, history, creative writing, business and entrepreneurship, law, and others while also participating in extracurricular activities, cultural excursions, and social events.


Academic: Lehigh University (PA, USA)
Age range: 14–18 years

Dates: June 23 – July 20, 2024

A four-week residential summer program that allows students to join a worldwide network of rising leaders through workshops, corporate visits, and a team-based consulting project, thereby developing an entrepreneurial attitude and design thinking abilities.

Academic: UC Berkeley (Berkeley, CA, USA)
Age group: 14 to 18 years

Dates: May–August 2024.

Berkeley Pre-College Scholars is a summer program for domestic and international high school students that allows them to earn college credit, network with Berkeley students and teachers, and experience university life.


Academic Summer (Multiple Locations in the UK and Canada)
Age group: 7 to 18 years

Dates: July–August 2024

Academic Summer is a full summer experience that allows kids to explore their interests in STEM, arts, or social sciences while getting a taste of school life.

STEM: Veritas AI (Online, US)
Age group: 14-18 years.

Dates: Spring: March 2024, Summer: June 2024

Veritas Al is a secondary school program developed and operated by Harvard graduates and alumni. The Al Scholars Program allows students to study the principles of Al and ML while working on real-world, hands-on projects.


Academic and non-academic: Epsom College (Malaysia).
Age Group: 6-18 years, 9-14 years for Junior MBA Program, 7-17 years for British.

Summer School

Date: July and August 2024.

Epsom College Malaysia courses such as the Mouratoglou Tennis Summer Camps @ Epsom, the ECM Golf Summer Camps @ Epsom, and the LaLiga Football Summer Camps @Epsom train sports enthusiasts over one to eight weeks. The Junior MBA Programme @Epsom exposes young students to industry-ready skills, whilst the British Summer School @Epsom is a development camp focused on communication, leadership, skill acquisition, sports, and talent expression.


Academic: Lumiere Education (Online, United States).
Age group: 16 to 18 years

Dates: Year-round

Lumiere Education allows high school students to collaborate one-on-one with famous academics on individual research projects in a variety of subjects, including humanities, STEM, social sciences, Al, and business. Students can publish their work and submit their research to prestigious contests, which increases their prospects of admission to MIT, Stanford, and Harvard.

Non-academic: Surval Montreux (Switzerland).
Age group: Girls 10-17 years.

Dates: June 23–August 3, 2024

The Surval Summer Camp helps girls build a strong sense of identity, an open attitude, and resilience through a variety of adventure and sporting activities, as well as culinary arts, global etiquette lessons, and cultural exploration.