Why Are Boarding Schools the Top Choice for New Age Parents in India

The boarding school experience for Indian children began in 1860 when the Bureau of Indian Affairs established the first Indian boarding school on the Yakima Indian Reservation in the state of Washington. They were set up as a representation of western culture. But gradually over time, boarding schools became famous in our country. Parents have had faith in the boarding school education system because of the values and facilities they offer.

For a long time, the stigma existed that kids were sent to boarding school as a punishment but that isn’t true. A lot of what we see in movies about boarding schools isn’t correct. The best boarding school in Siliguriis more like a home away from home. The teachers in boarding schools treat the students as their kids and focus on their overall development for a successful future.

While these are just a few gist of what a boarding school has to offer, here are some important reasons why boarding schools are a top choice for new age parents in India.

Why are Boarding Schools a Top Choice for New Age Parents in India?

  • Teaching Staff

The faculty of any school is the most important thing about it. For an institution to be good, it ought to have highly professional and learned teaching staff. This aspect is all the more important for a residential school because since the kids live away from their parents, the teacher doesn’t only have to play the role of a teacher but also of an acting parent. While making sure that the student is good in academics, they also have to take care of the overall development of them. This includes the development of your child’s personality and also keeping their moral compass on track.

  • Top-Quality Education

The most important reason why parents choose a boarding school for their kids is because of its top-quality education. Not only do they teach the students everything they need to know, academically; they also prepare their students for life. Their subjects and curriculum do resemble that of a normal day school, but the means and methods they follow to impart education are far from conventional. While a lot of schools teach subjects, only the best boarding school in the country will be able to teach your child the art of leadership.

  • Wide Range of Co-Curricular and Sports

Boarding schools are widely popular for the range of co-curricular and activities they offer for the overall development of their students. Not only do they provide quality education, but also involve their students in various unusual sports and art-related activities that nourished them. A boarding school is a place where your child will spend his day even if the school hours are over. There is no concept of ‘tuition teachers’ or ‘coaching’. So the boarding schools make sure that they offer their students everything that they could be getting if they were living at home. While most day schools over conventional co-curricular such as basketball and football, boarding schools take it a step higher and include sports such as golf, horse polo, and even swimming. Reputed boarding schools also have choir, drama, dance, and quiz groups.

To sum it up, there’s something for everyone.

  • Discipline and Moral Values

A good boarding school understands the importance of values and discipline and it makes sure that their students are given the same. While on the outside, it might look like boarding school students are made to function by the clock, what we sometimes fail to realize is that it is necessary to teach the students the value of time management. Since the students coming to boarding schools are from different parts of the country, belonging to different cultures and societies, teaching them how to respect every culture is a must. And that cannot be done without maintaining a decorum. To make sure no child feels superior or inferior to the other, the rules set are the same for everyone and no exceptions are made.

It is the morals and discipline of boarding school students that set them apart from students of regular schools.

  • Great Infrastructure

The lavish sky-high infrastructure is a unique factor in boarding schools. Most boarding schools in the country are more than a century old and it shows in their walls. These schools have existed for a while. Boarding schools have dedicated rooms for everything. Because they provide residence facilities, these schools are on huge plots of land. They also usually have a gigantic ground for sports and big concert and dining rooms to hold a maximum capacity of students.

  • Instills a Sense of Self-Dependence and Responsibility

Boarding school students are often considered to be more independent and self-reliant than other kids who have lived with their parents all their lives. Living alone with your friends teaches you a lot. When living in a boarding school, you are responsible for yourself and your things. You won’t have your parents to take care of you or your belongings. From basic things like doing your homework or waking up for school on time or even keeping your things organized, the student is responsible for everything. This is what makes boarding school students mature at a young age.

  • Change in Modern-Day Lifestyle

Last but not the least; modern-day parents prefer sending their child to a boarding school at a young age because of professional reasons. Due to the growing expenses in today’s world, it has become a necessity for both parents to take up a job. Households where both parents go to work, the child often feels neglected and does not get the attention they need while growing up. Lack of guidance also severely affects their education. This is why most parents think that the best thing to being done under such circumstances is to send them to a good boarding school in Siliguri that will make sure their child’s future does not tamper.