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How to Find a Best Boarding School: A Step-by-Step Guide

Boarding school can be a great option for students who are looking for a challenging academic environment, a diverse student body, and opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. However, with so many boarding schools to choose from, it can be

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Why Are Boarding Schools the Top Choice for New Age Parents in India

The boarding school experience for Indian children began in 1860 when the Bureau of Indian Affairs established the first Indian boarding school on the Yakima Indian Reservation in the state of Washington. They were set up as a representation of

Top Questions Asked During Boarding School Interviews

Top Questions Asked During Boarding School Interviews We gathered together a portion of our preferred boarding school understudies and asked them what they recalled from their passageway interviews. Utilize this rundown and our accommodating confirmation tips to set yourself in

How lockdown reveals the actual state of e-education in Boarding Schools of India

The idea of playing hooky and concentrating from home has consistently sounded energizing—until you think about the coordinations. That it is so plausible to take a class at home while investing energy with the family, rather than going far to

Reasons Why Students Should Be Part Of Online Classes During Lockdown

The corona virus pandemic has brought about the conclusion of schools and universities the nation over. Instruction has changed drastically throughout the most recent two months, with an extensive ascent of e-learning, whereby educating is executed distantly and on advanced

Points Boarding school leaders should consider when navigating COVID-19

Points Boarding school leaders should consider when navigating COVID-19 This circumstance is developing continuously. Each school is battling with what choices are the “right” ones to make and, in numerous cases, we may not comprehend what is “right” until we

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Reasons On Why Boarding Schools Are Trending These Days

Boarding Schools Are Trending The idea of private or boarding schools in India has experienced a major change, regarding different components identifying with the nature of instruction, showing approach, student-instructor relationship, order, security, etc.  Wellbeing is the first worry for

New Education System of India and its Future Impact

The purpose of this article is to update you about the New Education Policy that has made headline along with the relief to the students glued to the textbook and homework. The educational committee did an excellent job in its

CBSE Boarding school health and safety policy in India

CBSE health and safety policy At the point when a youngster goes to the boarding schools, one of the most pivotal things that guardians are worried about is their security, be it on a boarding school premises or while driving. 

Few Most Beautiful Boarding Schools of India for your Child

Beautiful Boarding Schools of India for your Child School is from multiple points of view one of our preferred places on the planet. We grow up strolling in the passages and learn significant life exercises. The profound bond with our

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