Why Mussoorie is a perfect city for boarding school education

Why Mussoorie is a perfect city for boarding school education

Why Mussoorie for boarding school education

Mussoorie is a pleasing hill station in Uttarakhand. As the city is located in the foothills of Himalayas it is also known as the “The Queen of Hills”. The name Mussoorie is derived from the plant ‘Mansoor’ which is found in this region in a massive quantity. The lavish green hills and the diversity of flora and fauna create a mesmerizing view of the Shivalik Ranges and Doon Valley in Mussoorie which attracts tourists all around the globe. Boarding schools of Mussoorie are one of the ancient boarding schools in India. The delightful city of mists, mountains, and woodlands gives a pleasant adventure spot to occasion in. Followed by this, there are many educational units that are sheltered in Mussourie. This place is in close proximity to Dehradun, there are many schools located in between these two cities. Mussourie houses some of the oldest established schools. The majority of the schools exist here since the Pre Independence period. 

The chase for good private schools has been an exceptionally testing activity for a large number of guardians searching for the worldwide standard instruction with boarding offices in the nation. A large number of understudies and guardians are compelled to battle hard in finding the important data and the correct sources to satisfy their wants for better instruction. Amidst the other locations in India, the city of Mussorie is recognized for some of the best schools in India. There are many educational organizations offering international class education and boarding facilities at competitive annual fee. The course expense and other pertinent charges can be paid utilizing the various methods of installment at your own comfort. Presently there is no more need to burn through your significant time in the quest of the different hotspots for any sort of detail.

Mussoorie always attracts people from its beauty since the colonial rule in India, from the days of the Colonial Empire, the town has various schools and institutes for the children of British government officers and personnel. A significant number of these organizations are still in the presence and much after a period length of a hundred years these schools have kept up their esteem and qualities.  Mussoorie has a pleasing environment with very less population of about 30,118 (according to census 2011), and the literacy rate of the city is 89%. Mussoorie is a city that is not only famous for its scenic beauty but it also attracts visitors for education and business purposes.

Most of the schools are either affiliated to CBSE and ICSE boards. The city has restrictive schools for young ladies, young men just as co-instructive schools among which many are Boarding schools of Mussoorie.  The city provides quality education with high-level skills in the field of education, sports, and other curricular activities, the main focus of the residential schools is the complete development of their students.

Few of these best schools that were built during the British era along with new institutes include :

St. George’s College (1853): St. George’s College, Mussoorie is among the most established and most presumed schools in the nation. It has been controlled by the Patrician Brothers since 1893. Throughout the years, its graduate class have made recognized commitments in a few fields, particularly in serving the military of the country. 

Woodstock School (1850’s): Woodstock School’s grounds Woodstock School is a Christian, worldwide, co-instructive, private school situated in Landour, a little slope station adjoining with the town of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India. Woodstock is among the more notable life experience schools of the Indian Subcontinent, particularly among those with critical quantities of ostracizing understudies and instructors.

Oak Grove School (1888): Oak Grove School or the Junior Wing Oak Grove School stands out from the other notable institutions of Mussoorie because of two reasons – first of all, it is affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi, which is a rarity amongst the residential schools of Mussoorie. Also, it is a common government-helped school, run by Northern Railway. 

Wynberg-Allen (1888): Wynberg Allen School, established in 1888, is a well-known school that ranks amongst the finest in the country. The school was worked at Jabarkhet along the Tehri street and was later moved to the present Wynberg Estate.  It now accommodates students of all descents.

Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary (1969): Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School Mussoorie (GNFCS) is one of the well-known schools in Mussoorie and one of the best boarding schools in India like many other Mussoorie schools. The young ladies are housed at Shangri La arranged at 6,750 feet (2,057 m) above ocean level on an 11-section of land (45,000 m2) plot, lush with cypress, cedar, and oak, on the south and west, confronting the snow-clad Himalayan tops, toward the north. The young men are at Vincent Hill, it is arranged 3 km from the Library Chowk. Encompassed by beautiful landscape, Vincent Hill contains a grounds spread more than 45 sections of land (180,000 m2).

Mussoorie, Queen of the Hills is a dream destination for those who are in the lookout of nature’s beauty and serenity. It is one of the most visited holiday destinations and not to be missed location. The slopes, greenery makes a merry mood for cutting the future residents. Henceforth, from Britisher’s rule, it got one of the most favored habitats for Education, particularly known for the decades and exceptionally old Schools. It has the absolute most famous Boarding Schools in India.  Britishers have started few schools for their children and it carried forward its legacy of discipline and state of art education. Most of the schools are Day Schools as well as Boarding Schools and have a proven track record. The alumni have spread the world over excelling in their fields.

The climate is commonly brilliant and clear – aside from during the three months (June to August) of Monsoons, – when fogs encompass the mountain slants and paint the sky with a mauve sparkle while the forested areas around – of pine, cedar, birch, oak, rhododendron and deodar – emit greener. Therefore the most part is a brilliant Christmas and the amazing perspective on the snow-clad Mussoorie gives it the name – the Queen among slope stations. There are mainstream cookout spots in and around the town – Kempty Falls in the west and Dhanaulti, further up past the town.