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Boarding School in Haldwani

Here we have provide the List of best boarding school in Haldwani and the details of each boarding schools of Nainital

Boarding School in Haldwani

With oaks, birches, silver firs and rhododendrons adorning the steep mountain slopes, Haldwani in Uttarakhand offer you a glimpse into an untainted and idyllic world. It is a place that not only boasts of a scintillating view of the Himalayas but also exhibits a cultural ethos that speaks of a simplistic and harmonic coexistence with nature.

There are a lot of boarding schools in Haldwani as the city is a beautiful place to study in. If anyone here is looking for the best boarding school, he/she will be able to find a good number of schools.

Day Boarding concept of schooling brings in advantages of both day-school and boarding school to ensure the complete development of a child. For its many advantages over other systems, this schooling system is becoming increasingly popular among parents.

Consummate for working Parents: Parents who spend long working hours find it suitable that the child spends extra hours in the learning environment of the school to groom many more aspects of the child’s personality.

Nutritious Essentialities Fortified: The service at a day-boarding school with clean, nutritious and healthy food guarantees that the child’s correct diet is provided for. In fact, dining at the school mess lets the kid develop good social eating habits and table marks.

Fewer Distractions: Day Boarding school does not give the opportunity to the child to involve themselves in any harmful activities or habits as they work on strict timetables and most of the day-time is spend in school.

Professional Training for Extra-Curricular Activities: More time and better training for co-scholastic activities at school ensures perfect grooming of the child’s talent in many areas.

Good Social Life Quotient: Kids who spend more time in school tend to develop a better relationship through group activities, social interactions, and events.

Education in Haldwani

The boarding schools in Haldwani offer a one-stop education service that grooms the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social & Language development of the children. They firmly believe in providing quality care for your little kids.

The main thing that will attract you towards these boarding schools in Haldwani is that it not only provides good education but also offers various opportunities to its students and also make sure that whether each and every child is getting all the facilities. The schools spot out the inner potential of the child and encourages her to grow independently.

  • Focused curriculum to perform well in the board exams.
  • Provide special coaching classes to all slow learners to bring them to required standards.
  • A large collection of books on various topics in a well-equipped library for students and teaching staff to use frequently.
  • Extracurricular activities to develop the potential in children in arts & crafts and surface innate potential.
  • We have prioritized spoken and written English for all our students. Special courses are held regularly to enhance handwriting and speech from I to Vth.
  • The Prep school students were dedicated to a state-of-the-art computer center. Here opportunities are provided to enable children to benefit through the use of interactive education CDs.
  • A well-equipped library provides a wide range of books for Kid’s frequent use.
  • Extra coaching classes are provided for slow learners.

About the city

Known as Kumaon’s Gateway, Haldwani is Uttarakhand’s third most populous city. The place has been named after ‘Haldu‘ or Haldina Cordifolia, a tree that was once found in abundance here.

Haldwani has an average elevation of 424 meters and serves as an important Business centre. In the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, Haldwani City and its twin township of Kathgodam form the Haldwani-Kathgodam Municipal Board.

The region also boasts of historical significance as it has been ruled by several dynasties in the past. It was once one of the major parts of the Kingdom of Kumaon. Blessed with lush green vegetation, towering hills and pleasant weather, the region in and around Haldwani makes for an idyllic destination to reside and learn in the serenity of nature.

The distinctive characteristic food of Haldwani in Uttarakhand lies in the way it is prepared- wood and charcoal are burnt which helps to keep the nutritional content intact. The students can enjoy the food which is simple, prepared with local ingredients, using herbs and spices which make the food highly energetic for them. The cooking methods here, are generally elaborate and time-consuming and make use of a generous dash of distinct spices.

The area fosters both Garhwali and Kumauni cuisines which are somewhat similar in elements but differ slightly in their styles. Even though the food is mostly vegetarian, the students who prefer non-vegetarian food o their weekends can find equally mouth-watering preparations of chicken and mutton in the area.

Climate Condition in Haldwani

Haldwani is an ever embracing state, but summer is the best time here when the temperature is cold and pleasant. July and August in this city receive high rainfall during these months making it wet and damp. Winters are icy, and some parts of the city also experience snowfalls during this period making it even more picturesque and beautiful.

Haldwani in Summer (March – June) Summers in Haldwani is very pleasant as the temperature never crosses 40 degrees Celcius. This season is the best time to explore Haldwani. Students can enjoy the scenic beauty of the city along with various adventures in their free time with their parents when they visit.

Haldwani in Monsoon (July – September) July marks the beginning of the monsoon season in the city. Incessant downpours are witnessed until September. It is better to avoid going out during this time as the weather is very humid and wet. Hilly regions are also precarious for driving.

Haldwani in Winter (October – February) Winter season starts taking over from October, and it lasts till February. The mercury takes a dip, and in some areas, it goes as low as 0 degrees Celcius. Snowfall is also observed in these regions. The days are usually nice, but the nights are cold. If you don’t mind the cold temperature, you can enjoy the snowfall and captivating views.

Frequently Asked Questions
1.What are the average boarding school fees in Haldwani?

The average boarding school fees in Haldwani is Rs. 2.5 Lakh per annum.

2.How is the Residential facilities in boarding schools of Haldwani?

The boarding Schools in corporate houses or dorms facility that customarily includes dormitories or study-bedrooms, a dining room where pupils can have their meal at fine-tuned times. There is also a library and a possibly study carrels where the pupils can finish their homework. Houses have prevalent rooms for television and relaxation and kitchens for snacks, and infrequently storage facilities for bicycles or other sports equipment.

3.What is the best time to visit boarding schools in Haldwani?

Best time to visit is between December to March, But you can schedule a prior appointment with the admission office of boarding school in Haldwani.

4.What is the ideal student-teacher ratio in boarding schools?

Class size matters, and ideally the student-teacher ratio should be 20:1at boarding schools.

5.What are the health checkup facilities available at boarding schools in Haldwani?

All boarding schools in Haldwani have Infirmary with trained nursing staff and visiting doctors for regular health checkup.

6.Do boarding schools organize an entrance test and a mock interview before admitting the child?

Yes, most of the boarding schools organize an entrance test and a mock interview as part of their admission process.

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